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  • (An English Chinese Japanese Dictionary

    MSC, ==> Main Ship EquipmentsEquipment TypesMain Marine Manufacturers Ship Spare Parts, =1=A=B=C=D=E=F=G=H=I=J=K=L=M=N=O=P=Q=R=S=T=U=V=W=X=Y

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  • 15CirceThe Cracked Looking Glass

    (The Mabbot street entrance of nighttown, before which stretches an uncobbled tramsiding set with skeleton tracks, red and green will o the wisps and danger signals. Rows of grimy houses with gaping doors. Rare lamps with faint

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  • The Inner Earth & Realm of Aghartha

    Admiral Richard B. Byrd's Diary (FebruaryMarch 1947) The exploration flight over the North Pole The Inner EarthMy Secret Diary I must write this diary in secrecy and obscurity. It concerns my Arctic flight of the nineteenth day of

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  • Hollow Earth: AgarthaComplete!Humans Are Free

    The biggest cover up of all time is the fact that there is a civilization of people living in the center of Earth, whose civilization's name is known as "Agartha" (variations: 'Agharta' & 'Aghartha'). This may be hard for some of you to believe.

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  • SoilWikipedia

    Soil is a mixture of organic matter, minerals, gases, liquids, and organisms that together support life. The Earth's body of soil is the pedosphere, which has four important functions: it is a medium for plant growth; it is a means of water storage

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  • Employment ProjectionsBureau of Labor Statistics

    Occupation Title SOC Code Employment 2016 (thousands) Employment 2026 (thousands) Employment change, 2016 2026 (thousands) Employment change, 2016 2026 (percent) Occupational openings, 2016 2026 annual average

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  • No, Facebook Did Not Panic and Shut Down an AI

    1· In recent weeks, a story about experimental Facebook machine learning research has been circulating with increasingly panicky, Skynet esque headlines. Facebook engineers panic, pull plug on AI after bots develop

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  • Leaves of Grass, by Walt Whitman

    The Project Gutenberg EBook of Leaves of Grass, by Walt Whitman This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re use it under the terms of the

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  • SUPERIMPLODER: Magnetic Water Treatment IS Proven

    WHAT IS THE IMPLODER?: The Superimploder is the worlds most powerful and most proven magnetic and vortex water treatment for agriculture and for growth. Very high density magnetics combine with a profoundly optimized

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  • Nightmare Wildfires Force State of Emergency in Los

    3· Between Hurricane Harveys devastating path through southeast Texas and spiraling tensions with North Korea, which may now have advanced hydrogen bombs, its become pretty clear Earth and humans are in a race to

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